30ml TKTX 40% Aesthetics Numbing Gel (Stronger Than Tag#45)

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TKTX 40% Numbing Gel
(Stronger Than Tag#45)

  • 40% numbing (Deep Numb)
  • Very fast acting
  • Long-lasting 
  • A Must Any Professionals Working With Broken Skin)


30ml TKTX 40% Aethetics Numbing Cream

Weight: 15g

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30ml TKTX 40% Aesthetics Numbing Gel
(Stronger Than Tag#45)


If you’re looking for a fast-acting, high-quality aesthetics numbing product that will prevent the pain and discomfort of skin procedures like tattooing, piercing or permanent makeup application, TKTX 40% numbing gel could be just what you’ve been looking for. This secondary anaesthetic contains a high percentage of active ingredients that work effectively to ensure a long-lasting analgesic effect. This makes it a top choice among those who are undergoing a wide range of procedures from laser hair removal to botox injections.

What Are The Active Ingredients?

TKTX 40% contains a high percentage of two well-known and highly effective anaesthetic agents. This is a coagulant which constricts the blood vessels and thus reduces swelling and bleeding. All three of these ingredients work together to ensure that the area to which the gel has been applied feels numb and experiences no discomfort throughout the duration of the procedure.

Why Choose TKTX 40% Aesthetics Numbing Gel?

Although there are many different numbing products to choose from, not all have been created equal. Some are far less effective than others, primarily because they have a lower concentration of active ingredients, or only use a single active agent instead of a combination of them. There are also some products which are made by untrustworthy brands and which in the best case scenario are ineffective and in the worst case scenario could be dangerous and damaging to your skin.

TKTX is a well-known brand with a long history in the industry, so you can be confident that you’re choosing a product from a reputable manufacturer who has stood the test of time and been proven to be reliable. When it comes to selecting TKTX 40% aesthetics numbing gel over other TKTX products, there are some distinct advantages. Essentially, TKTX 40% numbing gel is similar to another product, Tag#45 gel – a product that is frequently a top choice among professionals who carry out skin procedures. However, when compared to Tag#45 gel, TKTX 40% aesthetics numbing gel is even more effective since it contains an even higher percentage of active ingredients. Thanks to the unique ingredients, this numbing gel is extremely powerful and long-lasting, making it the best possible choice for pain prevention.

As another advantage, this product is a gel formula which is less messy to apply and which is rapidly absorbed into the surface of the skin. This means that it won’t create a slippery surface which could be difficult to work on and which could spoil the appearance of a tattoo if applied during the inking process. All of these factors make TKTX 40% numbing gel a great choice for application during a procedure.

How Long Does TKTX 40% Aesthetics Numbing Gel Work For?

Since this product is designed for use during procedures rather than for application in advance it has a rapid-acting formulation. The skin only needs to be exposed to the gel for just 2 minutes before it begins to take effect. Once the gel has made the skin numb, the effect will last for as long as four hours – plenty of time to complete the skin procedure without experiencing any unwanted pain or discomfort.

How does TKTX 40% Aesthetics Numbing Gel Compare To Tag#45?
There isn’t any comparison! Tag#45 has rested on its laurels for far too long now and is outdated when compared to TKTX Numbing Gel. It is far faster acting, far stronger and over all far better. A must for all professionals working on broken skin


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Clare Wright
Life changing!

Honestly, I found this gel to be the most effective during treatment topical numbing I’ve used. And I’ve tried many! Worked incredibly fast and lasted nearly two hours after application. 10/10 will be using this at every session from now on.

Suky Brayson
Severe reaction

I’d have given this no stars but there’s no option. For the first time ever I suffered a severe reaction to the ink, where I was left unable to walk for 4 to 5 days. I was in sooo much pain the evening of my tattoos that I was in tears for the whole night, unable to sleep or get comfortable. My legs were swollen and hot but I was shaking and developed a temperature. It was one of the scariest experiences I’ve had. I’ve never suffered a reaction like this before and am covered in tattoos. My legs are still healing 2 weeks on, I’ve had to cancel this weeks session and for the first time ever have been left scared for my next session.

Alex Jones

Great product. Works a treat

Clair Ings
Amazing Bet

Best numbing cream I've used

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