NEW: 80% Need To Be Numb (STRONGEST EVER!)

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  • 80% numbing (Deep Numb)
  • (Compared to TKTX 40% Numb)
  • Extra deep numbing (Deepest numb possible)
  • Long-lasting 1 – 6 hours


Need To Be Numb 80%

Brand name: Numbing Cream Co
Item: Need To Be Numb 80%
Weight: 10g/tube

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NEW: 80% Need To Be Numb Numbing Cream

No one wants to experience pain when there’s no need to, so it isn’t surprising that many people are looking for ways to avoid the pain that comes with getting a tattoo or having other skin procedures like piercing, microblading, or semi-permanent makeup application. These body modification procedures are becoming more and more popular thanks to the way they allow individuals to express their personalities in a unique way. But lots of people who would love to show their flair in this way are too anxious to get inked or have the procedure of their choice because they’re afraid of the pain. That’s where numbing creams come into play.

Numbing products are a great option for so many people. Whether you’ve never had a tattoo before and feel anxious about how painful the procedure might be, whether you’re getting a sensitive area like your ribs or ankles inked, or whether your pain threshold is especially low, a numbing cream can make the session a comfortable experience instead of a stressful and painful one.

Choosing the correct numbing product is important though. You don’t want to spend money on a cream that fails to work, or worse, on a product that causes damage to your health because it is fake or poor quality. Selecting a product that is made by a trustworthy manufacturer and that is sold by a reputable supplier is essential and that’s why NC.Co’s Need To Be Numb 80% numbing cream is such a good choice.

What Is Need To Be Numb 80% Numbing Cream?

Need To Be Numb makes a number of different numbing cream products, but their 80% numbing cream is the most powerful in their range. It contains extremely potent active ingredients which effectively desensitise your skin before you attend your session. When you use this cream, you can be confident that you won’t experience unwanted discomfort at your appointment. Its powerful, 80% numbing formula will work on even your most sensitive areas without causing unwanted side-effects.

Is Need To Be Numb 80% Numbing Cream Safe?

While Need To Be Numb 80% numbing cream is one of the strongest and most powerful numbing products on the market today, it is still very safe to use. It is made to the highest standards in the USA and contains active ingredients which are tried and tested and are proven to be safe. The ingredients it contains are regularly in use in healthcare settings by medical professionals, so you can be confident that you’re making a safe choice.

Is This Product Easy To Use?

Not all numbing products are equally simple to use, but Need To Be Numb 80% numbing cream has been designed with user-friendliness in mind. The easy-to-open tube makes it simple to squeeze the required amount of product onto the body part which will be worked on. Since it causes no slipperiness or greasiness, your tattooist will have no difficulties in inking your skin and you won’t have to worry about any damage to your new body art.

How Do I Use This Product?

You need to apply the Need To Be Numb 80% cream in sufficient time before your session so that it can take full effect. First, clean and dry the body part which will be worked on, then apply the numbing cream in a thick layer to the area. Allow the product to take effect for 40 to 60 minutes – you will notice that your skin begins to lose sensation. Once this time has elapsed, remove the cream and your session can begin! It’s so simple!


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
John Farmer

Can't give a review yet as I've not used it

Jessica Miller

Had about 3 hours of no pain at all, just pressure, eased off slightly after that. Was so impressed

Lucia Gal
New 80% need to be numb cream

Doesn't work at all. Packaging just plane white box with 1 sticker on.
I would like my money back.

Ellie Brannan

This is a scam.
Does not work at all.
Stains your skin pink

Samantha Ward

Got it for my daughter to use for her first tattoos. Absolutely brilliant didn’t feel a thing would definitely use again and recommend