CSlab 75% Tattoo Numbing Cream | 19.99

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CSLab Strongest Tattoo Numbing Cream Available


  • 75% numbing (Deep Numb)
  • Starts to work in seconds
  • Extra deep numbing (Deepest numb)
  • Long-lasting 5+ hours
  • Strongest numbing cream ever made!
  • Guaranteed pain free!



CSLab Strongest Tattoo Numbing Cream Available

Brand name: CSLab
Item: CSLab Tattoo Numbing Cream
Weight: 10g/tube

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CSLab Strongest Tattoo Numbing Cream Available 75% Numbing Cream

If you’re planning a large tattoo, lip fillers, laser surgery or semi-permanent makeup application you may be worried about the pain – after all, these procedures are well-known for the discomfort that they can cause. This is why CSLab numbing cream has been created. Designed to totally eliminate any pain caused by skin procedures, this product is the strongest available cream of its type on the market today. Simple to apply, this cream is an effective choice to enable you to have a comfortable and painless experience whatever type of skin procedure you are undergoing.

What Should I Know About CSLab Cream?

CSLab is a high quality, effective numbing cream that is designed for topical application to the skin before undergoing a skin procedure like tattooing or semi-permanent makeup application. Its active ingredient is a well-known and powerful anaesthetic that is regularly used by medical and dental practitioners on patients in their offices. This cream is 75% numb which is far stronger than many other similar products. 

The Strongest  Numbing Cream On The Market!

Although there are several different numbing cream products available for sale on the market today, not all are equally effective. Therefore, it’s important to choose a cream that has a high level of active ingredients to ensure that you don’t experience any unwanted discomfort or pain when undergoing a skin procedure. CSLab numbing cream is the strongest ever tattoo numbing cream available for sale over the counter without a prescription today.

How Is CSLab Cream Used?

It’s important to use CSLab numbing cream before undergoing a skin procedure that is likely to cause pain or discomfort. Although there are some products which are suitable for application to reduce or eliminate pain after the skin has been broken, this cream is designed fro start working minutes before having your tattoo or other skin procedure. 

To apply the cream properly, follow these steps:

  • Apply the cream in a thick layer to the area of skin to be treated. 
  • Apply plastic wrap over the cream to increase its effectiveness. 
  • Wait for up to 30 minutes for the cream to take full effect. 
  • Remove the plastic wrap from the skin.
  • Wash the cream off the skin. 
  • You are ready to undergo your procedure. 

What Happens After The Cream Is Applied?

Once you have applied the CSLabs numbing cream to your skin you should notice that the skin begins to feel cool within a few minutes. Thanks to the fast acting effect of this product, you should start to notice the effect appearing within as little as 5 – 10 minutes. Eventually, the area of skin where the cream has been applied will become increasingly numb until the skin loses all sensation. This will have occurred within around 30 minutes. The effect will last for at least 5 hours, potentially longer so this should be enough time for many skin procedures to be completed. 

Is CSLabs Cream Safe To Use?

You don’t need to worry about safety or effectiveness when you choose CSLabs cream. Unlike some less high-quality products, CSLabs cream contains reputable ingredients that are used regularly by medical professionals in their offices to numb the skin before carrying out medical procedures on patients. This means that you will experience no unwanted side-effects like bruising or swelling after application of this product. The main ingredient is a well-known and reliable active ingredient which has been proven to be safe so as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when applying this product you should suffer no ill-effects and should experience a comfortable and painless procedure. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Fake product

As you can see it comes with a printed label that's peeling off and the cream itself does nothing. Not the genuine product

Jessica Lazarus
Literally did nothing

I’ve heard good things about this cream, but it literally didn’t do anything. Waste of money.

Emma Winters
Cslab numbing cream

Sat for nearly 3 hours and didn’t feel anything. Near the end started to feel burning but I had been in two weeks before so maybe just because going over the same area. Leg was still numb after the 3 hours. Worth using for big pieces.

John Farmer
Cs lab's numb cream

Excellent product, does exactly what it says. Had a 4 hour procedure and never felt a thing. Highly recommended. Just ordered more for my next 4 hour session with my local tattoo artist.

Kerry Malin
Amazing stuff!

Used this for a large back tattoo and I honestly did not feel a thing until it wore off after like 4 hours! Amazing stuff