5 x Fougera Tattoo Aftercare Creams

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5 x Fougera Aftercare Cream

  • Perfect for aftercare procedure with broken skin
  • Vitamin A And D Ointment Can Improve The Healing Of Broken Skin
  • Cream Can Be Used For Tattoos, Microblading, Permanent Make Up Aftercare, Enriched with Vitamins A and D Which Will Help Prevent Scabs Formation, Faster Healing Time, Also Reduces Potential for Itching Following Treatment.


Fougera Ftercare Cream

Brand name: Fougera
Item: Fougera Aftercare Cream
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5 x Fougera Aftercare Creams

If you’re looking for a great tattoo aftercare product, Fougera Aftercare could be just what you’re looking for. Designed to help preserve your new ink’s glorious colour, this effective cream is the ideal solution to keep your tattoo looking flawless while the healing process begins. 

What Is Fougera Aftercare Cream?

Produced by the reliable and trustworthy Fougera brand, this aftercare cream contains vitamins A and D, both of which are known to promote healing and benefit the skin. Vitamins D and A are both renowned for their ability to prevent the formation of scabs and boosting recovery time while also reducing the possibility of itching while your beautiful new body art is going through the process of healing. The ingredients in this product are also known for their ability to protect the integrity and colourfulness of the pigments that are used in the tattooing process so your body art will stay looking gorgeous and vibrant throughout. Not only that, but this product will moisturise and hydrate the skin, leaving it feeling soft and looking radiant thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to prevent the formation of melanin. 

Can Fougera Aftercare Cream Be Used For Other Skin Procedures?

Not only can Fougera Aftercare cream be used immediately following your tattooing session, but it can also be used to soothe the skin and boost healing times following other skin procedures too. It is suitable for use after the application of semi-permanent make up as well as after other broken skin treatments such as microblading and lip fillers. Suitable for application even in sensitive areas such as the lips and eyebrows, Fougera Aftercare cream is a gentle and reputable product that is safe for use several times a day. Thanks to its excellent moisturising properties it can even be used to treat minor burns, dry skin and rashes, making it an excellent addition to your home medical cabinet!  It works to protect the skin from becoming infected while calming any swelling, easing stinging and keeping the surface of the skin well-moisturised in order to protect the treated area from flaking or scabbing.

How Is Fougera Aftercare Cream Used?

It couldn’t be simpler to apply this product to the areas of skin that have been treated. Just follow these easy steps: 

  1. First, use warm water and some mild soap the clean the area where the cream will be applied. 
  2. Squeeze a small amount of cream out of the sachet.
  3. Apply gently and liberally to the affected area , rubbing the cream gently into the surface of the skin until it is absorbed. 
  4. If necessary, cover the treated area with a loose dressing. 
  5. To achieve the best results, you should apply this product two or three times each day as this will ensure that the pigment integrity of your tattoo can be well protected. 
  6. Use the cream for three days following your procedure and you should find that your wound heals quickly without itching or discolouration. 

If you follow these steps, you should find that your tattoo stays looking its best and your skin remains well moisturised and soft. 

Can Fougera Aftercare Cream Cause Any Unwanted Side Effects?

Fougera Aftercare cream is a gentle and soothing product designed to moisturise and promote healing in skin that is dry, damaged or broken due to medical conditions or procedures such as tattooing, microblading or cosmetic treatments like lip fillers. It’s important to note, however, that this product does contain lanolin which can cause allergic reactions in some individuals. If you have an allergy to lanolin you should avoid applying this product to your skin as you could suffer an unwanted reaction

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