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very poor

very bad numbing cream. definitely not 60% as advertised.

Good stuff

Clients feel minimal pain/discomfort and the coagulant helps ALOT

Half decent

Definitely worked for about a hour and a half couldn’t feel a thing after that it sort of lost its touch. Would reccomend you get two bottles as they ain’t normal tube sizes

80% numbing cream

Granddaughter used it to get her lip filler and said she was definitely in less pain and it worked as it should

30g Dr Numb Numbing Cream | New LARGE tube

Great product

Best numbing cream I’ve used so far

Cslab numbing cream

Sat for nearly 3 hours and didn’t feel anything. Near the end started to feel burning but I had been in two weeks before so maybe just because going over the same area. Leg was still numb after the 3 hours. Worth using for big pieces.

Life changing!

Honestly, I found this gel to be the most effective during treatment topical numbing I’ve used. And I’ve tried many! Worked incredibly fast and lasted nearly two hours after application. 10/10 will be using this at every session from now on.

Good stuff

Didn’t last as long as I thought it would. But maybe because I spread it over a large space. But I couldn’t feel a thing for the first hour and half…



It’s ok

Ive heard a lot of hype about this cream but unfortunately it did not meet expectations. It numbed initially but as soon as the skin broke it began to hurt.


Never felt a thing getting my tattoo will buy again

Severe reaction

I’d have given this no stars but there’s no option. For the first time ever I suffered a severe reaction to the ink, where I was left unable to walk for 4 to 5 days. I was in sooo much pain the evening of my tattoos that I was in tears for the whole night, unable to sleep or get comfortable. My legs were swollen and hot but I was shaking and developed a temperature. It was one of the scariest experiences I’ve had. I’ve never suffered a reaction like this before and am covered in tattoos. My legs are still healing 2 weeks on, I’ve had to cancel this weeks session and for the first time ever have been left scared for my next session.

Wrong item

I have ordered numbing gel TKTX and received completely different product which is not even listed on your website.I have sent two emails and no one bothered to get back to me or send me a correct one.Very disappointed and will not be wasting my money purchasing from here anymore

Not bad

Didn’t last as long as I thought but while it did it was brilliant

Green TKTX Tattoo Numbing Cream | SALE £8.99

Cs lab's numb cream

Excellent product, does exactly what it says. Had a 4 hour procedure and never felt a thing. Highly recommended. Just ordered more for my next 4 hour session with my local tattoo artist.

Gold TKTX Tattoo Numbing Cream | SALE £12.99

Gold numbing cream

Brilliant, was numb for 5 hours, will defiantly buy again.

Excellent service

Quick delivery, good product

Amazing stuff!

Used this for a large back tattoo and I honestly did not feel a thing until it wore off after like 4 hours! Amazing stuff

Green tx

Worked brilliantly didn’t feel anything for up to 5 hours would totally recommend

Very good

I tried this cream under my eyes, as I was having semi permanent eyeliner done, and it helped me a lot.

Numbing cream gold

Excellent cream worth every penny.. this is a review for my repurchase of the gold numbing cream and I will keep coming back for more, super fast delivery every time.. no faults to be found, the cream will easily last 4 hours if applied following the instructions.


Deep into a full body suit, this really helps the difficult sessions, arm pit, ribs, back of legs highly recommend